Article 1 – the Services:

Lzhiba to Facilitate inspection service from a Service provider for vehicles upon purchaser’s request.

Article 2 – Term & Termination:

Indefinite, and expires upon the completion of Services or by a notice from either Parties.

Article 3 – Service Fee:

In exchange for the services provided hereunder, the purchaser of this service shall pay the Service Fee. Determination of service fee rates shall be the sole discretion of Service Provider (Lzhiba). The Service Fee will be paid through the Lzhiba Platform payment gate way.

Article 4 – Refund & Cancellation:

The cancelation policy and refund policy applied by Service Provider (Lzhiba) shall prevail.

Article 5 – Tax Statement:

Tax Statement: All charges payable under this Agreement are inclusive of taxes, surcharges, or other amounts assessed by government. Taxes imposed upon or required to be paid by Client or Service Provider shall be the sole and exclusive responsibility of each party, respectively.

Article 6 – Client Obligations:

  1. Cooperate with the Service Provider (Lzhiba) for anything the Service Provider may require.
  2. Provide any information and/or documentation needed by the Service Provider (Lzhiba) relevant to the provision of Services or payment for the provision of Services.
  3. Require any staff or agents of the Client to co-operate with and assist the Service Provider (Lzhiba) as the Service Provider may need.

Article 7 – Limitation of Liability and Indemnity

  1. Service Provider (Lzhiba) does not guarantee the Inspection, it is at the liability of the Inspection Centre
  2. Vehicle inspection is at the discretion of the showroom or individual owning the vehicle, in case Service Provider (Lzhiba) is unable to process the vehicle due to refusal, a refund will be processed (less processing fee of QAR 100.00)
  3. It is the Client responsibility to ensure the vehicle is still available for sale at the time the request is made.
  4. In case the vehicle is already sold at the time of processing and an inspection is not possible, a refund will be processed less (QAR 100.00) processing fee.
  5. Istimara (car registration & License) and traffic violations is at the discretion of the Client and is not included in the car inspection service scope mentioned in this agreement.
  6. Service Provider (Lzhiba) is not responsible for any personal belongings or items inside the vehicle.
  7. Except in cases of death or personal injury caused by either party’s negligence, either party’s liability in contract, tort or otherwise arising through or in connection with this Agreement or through or in connection with the completion of obligations under this Agreement shall be limited to Fees paid by the Client to the Service Provider (Lzhiba).
  8. To the extent it is lawful, neither Party shall be liable to the other Party in contract, tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise for any loss, damage, costs, or expenses of any nature whatsoever incurred or suffered by that other Party of an indirect or consequential nature including without limitation any economic loss, data loss, loss of goodwill, or other loss of turnover, profits, or business.

Article 8 – Governing Law & Jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Qatar, the Parties hereto consent to jurisdiction under the courts within the state of Qatar.

Article 9 – Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By ticking the box consenting to the terms and conditions you have agreed to this contract. if you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, you will not be able to use the Service provided by Lzhiba.