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Xiaomi Multi-Function Camping Lantern


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Enjoy the comfort Light up your exquisite outdoor life.

  • Camping lantern/flashlight/ambient light, a truly multi-function lantern to light up your outdoor and indoor adventures.

Smart and changeable colorful lighting

  • Rich colors with soothing changes, the lantern casting a candle-like glow for beautiful nights in a tent, and gentle light colors that add warmth to the atmosphere.

Nite Core Extreme light adjustment to define your own color.

  • Adjustable brightness and color temperature for customizable lighting. Freely create a beautiful atmosphere with comfortable and soft light.

Bluetooth smart control to freely interact with the lantern.

  • Directly connect to Mi Home app/Xiaomi Home app to customize scenarios and change colors at will.

Safety at night Compact secondary light with multiple functions

  • Remove the secondary light and turn it into a flashlight or a camping lantern. Bring the safety of light with you, wherever you go.

Wireless Lasting luminescence

  • Convenient Type-C charging, a 4800mAh high-capacity lithium battery for reliable performance.

IP54 rating* dust and splash resistance design Guards against dust and splashes

  • A solid outer frame and IP54 rating* dust and splash resistance to protect your outdoor adventures.
 Model: MJLYD001QW
Item Dimensions: 198 ×114 ×123 mm
Net Weight: Approx. 565 g
Battery Type: Lithium-ion battery
IP Rating: IP54
 Primary Light Specifications: Secondary Light Specifications:
Input: 5V       2A Input: 5.8V 0.38A
Brightness Adjustment: 6lm-230lm Flashlight Luminous Flux: 120lm
Color Temperature Adjustment: 2700-5000K Flashlight Color Temperature: 5000K
Color Adjustment: RGB Side LightLuminous Flux: 70lm
BatteryCapacity: 4800mAh(3.69V) Side Light Color Temperature: 2700K
Charging Time: Approx. 210min Battery Capacity: 800mAh(3.7V)
Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 Charging Time: Approx. 150min

Please Note: This item is Non Refundable once purchased, and cannot be returned, except in the case of manufacturing defect, in which case it needs to be taken to a service centre for review.

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