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Xiaomi LCD Writing Tablet 13.5″ (Color Edition)


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Colour gradient partition enables colourful brushstrokes

  • Custom made colour liquid crystal film with partition colour display, enabling colourful brushstrokes. Apply more pressure to make wider lines, and vice versa.

Use the pen cap to clear the screen, quick and neat

  • Gently tap the Hall sensor area above the writing tablet with the top of the pen to clear the screen easily and more effectively.

Magnetic pen, nook for safe storage

  • A nook designed to hold the pen, easy to remove and use. Its magnetic feature secures the pen in place.

Lightweight, portable, and easy to carry

  • Narrow bezel, high screen to body ratio, larger canvas for writing and sketching. Enjoy drawing with this lightweight and portable draw pad anytime,anywhere.

LCD screen with eye care feature, dust free, ink free, and filters blue light

  • The screen is not backlit, presents handwriting by natural light reflection and will not harm your eyes. Reusable, avoiding paper waste and protecting forest resources.

Low energy consumption for longer battery life

  • The zero power LCD screen only consumes a small amount of power when the screen is cleared. The single button cell battery lasts up to 365 days if the screen is cleared 100 times per day.

Painting a colourful world on board

  • Take notes with your caring life companion. Express your affection with loving reminders, notes, and messages.
  • Jot down your inspirations anytime you want. Meeting minutes, mind maps, design sketches, and colourful brushstrokes to capture sparks of inspiration.

Exquisite attention to detail, premium craftsmanship

  • Clear the screen with the top mounted button.
  • Lock to prevent accidental deletion.
  • Comfortable to touch, strong and durable exterior.


  • Model: _______MJXHB02WC
  • Screen Size: ____13.5″
  • Color: _______White
  • Product Size: ___214 x 300 x 7.2mm
  • Battery Type: ___ Button cell battery (CR2025)
  • Accessory: _____Stylus x1




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