Posted: 18 Aug 2022 | 11:56 am

Washable Sketch Book


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Product Overview:
Elfin Sketch book is a washable & reusable drawing notebook, Working with Elfinbook APP. Instantly save and share kids’ creative masterpieces.



Product benefits:
• Water-resistant Strong Paper: the drawing notebook is designed to be washed from.
• Detachable & attachable pages: thanks to abacus binding you can remove any page from the notebook without having to damage it. Also, you can return it again in seconds
• Erasable Drawings: to start a new masterpiece, you can easily erase your new drawings. By putting the page under warm water tap or by soaking it in water for 5 mins
• Safe friendly round corners
• Sync your drawing with the Elfinbook mobile app

Product Features:
• Comes with 8 Crayola markers & Elfinbook APP VIP code
Colour: Black Cover

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