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1.5 L water capacity for humidity control
Air purification area approximately 30~51m2
4 different levels of AIr flow rate (max 420m3/h)
65watt, 1-phase power supply 220-240Vac 50/60Hz
Auto/Manual/Night mode Air Cleaning by composite filter

Composite filter consists of 6 different layers of filters:
1) Pre-filter (e.g., Animal hair, dust mites and pollen)
2) HEPA filter (PM10 and PM2.5 fine particles)
3) Activated Carbon filter (Blocks VOCs, odors, smoke)
4) Zeolite filter (Absorbs ammonia and heavy metal cation-based odors and toxic V.O.C)
5) Photocatalyst filter (Photon assisted breakdown of V.O.C compounds amd kills germs)
6) Negative ion plasma filter (generates negative charged ions 10 million pcs/cm3 to deactivate oxidizing compounds, destroys cellular structure of virus & bacteria)

UV lamp for activating reducing agent filters and destroys germs (e.g., virus, bacteria etc.)
Air sensor (detects up to PM2.5 particles of dust, humidity & temperature level)
Noise level less than 61 dB

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