Posted: 25 Apr 2022 | 9:49 am

Two Feet Below the Surface of Life


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The letters were Khaled and Sarah’s way to get to know each other, exchange opinions, and explore their views about the meaning of life. Through them, he became sure that she was the girl of his dreams and that she was his only refuge from eternal loneliness. And she felt he transformed her being, helping her see that happiness was not out of reach. The letters were burdened with painful memories, and filled with sadness, anxiety, and fear of the future. But they were also a revelation of their love, opening the door of hope for them, restoring their sense of humanity, and guiding their path to each other. But as an epidemic spread, a new challenge arose as the couple is forced to distance despite their great love. Fate brought them together once; can it bring them together in the end? Letters of love, confession, and the emotions that join souls weave the threads of their story. But in the end, what does Fate have in store for these two lovers?

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