Posted: 3 Aug 2022 | 10:21 am

Toubkal fire – Arabic


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Since I was a child I have been racing the wind on the roads of (Sijilmassa), since I overcame my little fear, and climbed the branches of the Great Oak Tree west of the town, and while I cast my frayed nets on the bird who was exhausted by the long hours of earning his living, my soul has been pushing me forward, not pushing me to try my luck in reaching what settled in it, rather it pushes me to reap the fruits of her certain convictions to definitely reach what she wanted. None of the stations that I have passed through in my life was an exception to this, even while I settled in Al Attarine School in (Fez), and becoming the most prominent, brightest and most intelligent student through my journey to seek knowledge, (Ibn Abi Mahli) the student who became famous in and around Fez, the student who was chosen by Sheikh (Al Zaari) to be handed his stick, robe and his own sandals. It is strange how all these fates were prepared for me during what was left of the sixteenth century, and even stranger how (the window of fate) have found me after that to pave my way towards my greatest dreams. The divine conditions are looming on the horizon of the days in front of me, the blessings do not cease to flow on my tongue, fingers, and the roots of my feet, and it is not long before fates respond to what concerns myself.

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