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The Pomegranate Tree – Arabic


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A novel by Nazan Bekiroglu, whose events take place between Trabzon, Tabriz, Tbilisi and Batum. A story that begins with the start of the Balkan War, and extends until the World War I; A tale of two souls, one of whom was born in Trabzon and the other in Tabriz, which fate have guided and flowed them like two streams whom met like the convergence of two great rivers; The son of the famous carpet merchant in Tabriz, Sattar Khan, that crazy son, and the hidden flower of Trabzon. The story of two lives that were blown by the wind of two fierce wars to re-form and reconstruct them, and a story of displacement, dislocation, struggle and conflict. The pomegranate tree is a rich tale similar to the legends of the East, exquisite as the dreams, realistic just like the days and life. A novel that cannot be forgotten for years, due to its carefully crafted characters, precise details, and the creativity in narrating each fact.

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