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Photo Studio Background


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  1. Lightweight and concise aluminum alloy tube, easy to operate and easy to carry, reflecting the modern design concept.
  2. Using splicing structure, the background cloth can be fully expanded after splicing, and the operation is light and convenient, allowing you to easily keep the background screen in any position.
  3. The background green cloth adopts a unique pattern, which changes the direct reflection of the traditional curtain, and uses the principle of diffuse reflection, which is conducive to the post-production matting.
  4. Use different non-fixed areas, especially mobile exhibition halls, leasing, business and other purposes.
  5. The height of the background frame (67-200cm) can be adjusted by adjusting the tripod.
  6. Used for model or portrait shooting, photo studios, studios, video shooting, advertising shooting, mobile live broadcast and the background of shooting locations.

Packing list:

  • Aluminum alloy light stand x 1
  • Crossbar x 2
  • Clip x 3
  • Carrying bag x

T-Shape Photo Studio Background Support Stand, Crossbar Kit.

Professional photography backdrop, a good choice for portraits and full-body photos. Can be used for photo studio photography, camera interviews, video broadcast screens, portrait photography, product shooting, TV recording, film production, etc.

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