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Scenario Thinking – Arabic


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This book deals with the planning methodology by the scenario, one of the methodologies of future studies and the means of strategic planning, and it is one of the fourth generation work systems, which ministries and governments seek to include in the daily routine of the work of institutions. This book comes in light of the global crisis of the Corona virus (Covid-19), which reflected the levels of countries in their adoption of anticipating the future and preparing to face potential crises. The author of the book trains the reader to develop strategic alternatives and future visions. It is a standard book for anyone who wants to apply scenario planning, whether in personal or corporate life. At the same time, it is addressed to strategic thinkers, decision-makers and stakeholders, leaders, managers, and researchers in the field of planning and foresight, and it would deepen the level of creative thinking about the future by methodological methods, and apply scenario thinking in various aspects of life.

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