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Scan Reader Pen 3 PRO – Translator and Reading Pen


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Scan Reader Pen 3 PRO – Translator & Reading Pen

Are you going on a holiday to a country where they speak a different language? Is your child having difficulties with reading? Do you need help translating business documents? This is the device you have been looking for. Translates 112 languages.

  1. Reading mode for dyslexia – Upgraded Reader Pen helps people with dyslexia or people who cannot read to understand texts by reading out and highlighting the text.
  • Voice settings (accent, reading speed, word pause, punctuation pause)
  • Reading tracking by automatic highlighting words when read.
  • Save the sentence, allowing later listening instead of writing notes.
  1. Scan different materials then translate

    • Printed paper: textbook, newspaper, picture book, etc.
    • Electronic screen: mobile, computer, iPad, Kindle, etc.
    • And other textures, such as plastic bottles, cloth, etc.
  2. OCR– Scan and transfer text to PC or Mac, directly via USB, with no additional software required.
  3. Recording– It can record audio to review later.
  4. Bluetooth– The pen has a speaker, you can play the voice with its speaker. Or connect it to your Bluetooth earphones to listen to the voices privately.
  5. MP3 player– You can import MP3 files to the pen and use it to play music or use your Bluetooth earphones to listen.
  6. Built-in Dictionary – Collins English Dictionary, FLTRP dictionary, and NMT (neural machine translation).
  7. 112 Languages Voice Translator – It allows speech translate in a real time with 98% accuracy. You speak into the device and it will provide translation.
  8. 55 languages OCR Scan Translator – Scan text and translate with 98% accuracy. Read and listen with a human-like digital voice in multiple different languages.
  9. User-friendly Settings –Left hand and right hand working mode. Support vertical scanning to translate Japanese.
  10. 8 System Languages – Available in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Italian, Spanish.

 Who will need this pen?

  • Anyone with dyslexia, ADHD, autism, reading difficulties or any kind of learning disability
  • Who reads a lot of books and needs to look up the dictionary time to time
  • Studying a second language
  • A student/officer who needs to take a lot of notes from books
  • Doing international business / Travelling abroad a lot / Going on Holiday to other countries
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