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Philips Glass Kettle


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Modern design, made to last
Our family-size 1.7L glass kettle features a modern design with intuitive blue light indicator inside the base to inform you when the kettle is on

Modern design, made to last
Durable crystal clear glass with sensor light
• 1.7 L
• Removable lid
• Blue light indicator
Save up to 66% energy with the cup indicators
The handy water level indicators, including one-cup indicator, make sure that you only boil the amount of water that you need, saving both energy (one cup of water 250ml vs 1L) and water and helping to contribute to a better environment.
Removable lid for easy reach during cleaning
Fully removable lid for easy reach during cleaning.
Cord winder for easy adjustment and storage
The cord can be wrapped underneath the base, so it’s the right length for any kitchen and easily stored away.

Technical specifications

Capacity bowl 1.7  L
Power 1850-2200  W
Cord length 0.75  m
Voltage 220-240  V
Frequency 50-60  Hz



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