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Multifunctional Triangle Clip


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Used to organize various documents. It will not become loose when used to clamp thick paper. It is suitable for students or professionals. 400Pcs Mini Heart Confetti.

Wide range of uses, can be used for test papers, music scores and other materials, tickets, temporary bookmarks, notebooks.

Protect the corners of the paper, make it easier for you to write and read, firmly fit the paper, and facilitate the storage of documents.

Make learning and office more convenient and tidy, easy to store and organize documents and books, easy to read and use at any time

Large angle clips, each can hold about 40 sheets of A4 paper, which is more stable than ordinary clips, and can easily hold a small amount of paper.


Product Details

  • Plastic paper pin
  • Size: 40*50 mm
  • Pin Type: Triangle
  • Fastening clamp
  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • Easy to use, open and close.
  • Colorful grip for easy identification
  • Suitable for use in offices, schools, and office supplies
  • Makes documents and papers organized and tidy.
  • Adds a modern and elegant touch to the desk.
  • Comes in a variety of bright colors.

Get a high-quality plastic paper pin now and organize your documents neatly and functionally!

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