Posted: 31 Jan 2022 | 1:18 pm

Multifunctional Tissue Box Desktop Organizer


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Multifunctional Tissue Box Desktop Organizer can be used as desk organizer instead of only a tissue box and keep your tidy desktop neatly and beauty of your bedrooms, workstation … etc.

Product benefits:
• The paper towel can be easily extracted without paper jam, and the table is clean and tidy.
• Not only a tissue box also an organizer to storage messy power strips, notepads, pencils, USB hubs, power adapter, etc.
• It can keep your home office tidy and clean, to provide a good mood for work and life.
• Unique small desk shape, safe and practical.
• Great for home office and entertainment centre use.

Product Features.
• Made of high-quality material, health, and environmental protection.
• Waterproof and moisture-proof. Separate design can exchange paper towel at will.
• Unique shape and creative design. Also, a perfect for your besties.
• Beautiful and elegant appearance, soft without dirt, suitable for any decoration style.
• PP material is not easy to be aging. It is durable and smooth edge.
• Size: 21x16x12.5cm

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