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Mi Vacuum Cleaner G11 UK


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  • The three-section blades on the roller brush instantly chop off any hair that becomes caught on it while posing no risk to your floors or carpets.
  • The G11 has the most recent high-performance DC brushless motor with faster speeds and a longer lifespan. It delivers even more potent cleaning with a maximum suction of 185 AW, a 23% increase over the previous version.
  • The Interactive LCD display can provide information such as 3 suction modes, battery level, and error alerts. It helps you always keep track of the vacuum cleaner’s status.
  • When in Auto Mode, the suction power can be intelligently adjusted using the infrared particle sensor. More suction power is provided and vice versa as more dust is detected. This may increase the effectiveness of cleaning and lengthen battery life.
  • Fully upgraded lithium-ion polymer battery cells provide a performance that is significantly safer and more reliable.


  • Brand: __________________________Xiaomi
  • Type:     _________________________ Vacuum Cleaner
  • Model:  __________________________G11
  • SKU:      __________________________BHR5513EN
  • Suction power:  ___________________185 AW Powerful Suction
  • Battery life:          ___________________60 minute
  • Dust Compartment Capacity:      ______Approx. 0.3 L Max.
  • Rated Voltage:   ___________________22.2 V
  • Rated Power:     ___________________500 W
  • Vacuum Cleaner Net Weight:       _______Approx. 1.6 kg
  • Vacuum Cleaner Dimensions:      _______341.5 × 100 × 266.5 mm


Please Note: This item is Non Refundable once purchased, and cannot be returned, except in the case of manufacturing defect, in which case it needs to be taken to a service centre for review.

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