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MI Tri-Band Gaming Router AX9000


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Three separate bands Game without interruption

Compared to traditional dual-band routers, this tri-band router offers an additional band dedicated to e-sports, allowing gamers to enjoy ultra-high-speed bandwidth without interference from other devices.

5GHz Gaming Band

The 4804Mbps ultra-high-speed gaming band provides super-fast network speed, ultra-low latency, and stable output of combat power.

5GHz Entertainment Band

The exclusive high-speed band lets you enjoy various types of content like TV shows, livestreams and videos without lag or excessive buffering.

2.4GHz Smart Home Band

With better wall penetration effect, even a smart lamp on the balcony can be securely connected and turned on/off on your command.

Hardware configuration

  • Processor:  Qualcomm® IPQ8072 quad-core A53 2.2GHz CPU
  • Network processing unit: Dual core 1.7GHz NPU
  • Memory:  1GB
  • 2.4G Wi-Fi: 4×4 (supports up to IEEE 802.11ax protocol, the theoretical maximum rate is 1148Mbps)
  • 5GHz-1 Wi-Fi: 4×4 (supports up to IEEE 802.11ax protocol, the theoretical maximum rate is 4804Mbps)
  • 5GHz-2 Wi-Fi: 4×4 (supports up to IEEE 802.11ax protocol, theoretical maximum rate is 2402Mbps)
  • Antennas: External high gain antenna + internal AIoT antenna
  • Heat dissipation: Active cooling

Total ports

  • 10/100/1000/2500Mbps adaptive WAN/LAN port (Auto MDI/MDIX) ×1
  • 10/100/1000Mbps adaptive WAN/LAN port (Auto MDI/MDIX) ×1
  • 10/100/1000Mbps adaptive LAN ports (Auto MDI/MDIX)” ×3

LED indicator light:  8 lights, include: System indicator × 1, Internet indicator × 1, Network port × 5, Atmosphere light × 1

Wireless specifications

Tri-band: 2.4GHz, 5GHz-1 and 5GHz-2


  • 11b:DSSS:DBPSK(1Mbps),DQPSK(2Mbps),CCK(5.5/11Mbps)
  • 11a/g:OFDM:BPSK(6/9Mbps),QPSK(12/18Mbps),16QAM(24/36Mbps),
  • 64QAM(48/54Mbps)
  • Data rate:MCS0-MCS15
  • 11ax:MIMO-OFDM:BPSK,QPSK,16QAM,64QAM,256QAM,1024QAM.
  • Data rates: MCS0-MCS11 (supports 4 streams).4096QAM.
  • Data rates: MCS12-MCS13 (supports 2 streams)

Software specifications

  • Operating system: MiWiFi ROM, a smart router operating system based on OpenWRT
  • WiFi Encryption: WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK/WPA3-SAE encryption, Wireless access control (black- and whitelist), SSID hidden
  • Management applications: Supports Web, Android, iOS

Working environment

  • Working environment temperature: 0-40℃
  • Operating humidity: 10%-90%RH (non-condensing)
  • Storage temperature: -40-70℃
  • Storage humidity: 5%-90%RH (non-condensing)

Please Note: This item is Non Refundable once purchased, and cannot be returned, except in the case of manufacturing defect, in which case it needs to be taken to a service centre for review.

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