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Mechanical Pencil Set White


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Pencil Set

The pencil collection is lightweight and sleek design, ideal for drawing, engineering and sketches. This set contains a white 0.5mm diameter robotic pencil with cartridges and eraser, making it suitable for use in schools and offices.

The robotic pen is characterized by its low center of gravity weight, providing superior comfort while writing and drawing for long periods. It is easy to use and characterized by precision, making it the ideal choice for engineers, artists, and designers.

The kit also includes additional 0.5mm automated stylus cartridges, ensuring you have enough ink to complete your projects. With a built-in eraser, you can correct your mistakes easily and quickly.

Get the gorgeous white automatic pencil set now and experience the comfort, precision, and exceptional performance while drawing, engineering, and sketches. This set is also a perfect gift for students and professionals in different fields.

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