Posted: 5 Aug 2021 | 12:57 pm

Marrath Smart WIFI Home Door / Window / Safe / Locker Sensor.



Marrath Smart WIFI Home Door / Window / Safe / Locker Sensor:

SMART HOME DOOR/WINDOW SENSOR – Uses smart-home technology to monitor your home’s doors and windows, including interior doors, patio doors, garage doors, windows, cabinets, baby gates, safe, locker, freezer and more.
Wi-Fi TECHNOLOGY – Working Standalone with Marrath Home APP and work with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT
KNOW IF YOU’VE LEFT DOORS/WINDOWS OPEN – Configure your Marrath Home APP to notify you or sound an alarm when any connected door or window is open for too long, including garage doors and medicine cabinet doors etc
INTEGRAL PART OF HOME SECURITY SYSTEM – Program your Marrath Home Mobile App to automate your lights when the front door opens, or kick on security cameras when a window is opened.

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