Posted: 11 Aug 2022 | 2:51 pm

Keyboard Storage Rack



Product Overview

Keyboard Rack Ideal for desktop computers, bid farewell to your bento desk, the best choice for home office, and provide you with a clean environment. The product is easy to assemble without any screws, convenient and fast.

 Product Features

  • [environmentally friendly & Rigid] high-density plastic board technology, non-toxic, odorless, waterproof, fireproof, moisture-proof, easy to wipe.
  • [Clean Office, Sharp Focus] The Rack is your office partner, ready to accommodate all your desks and personal accessories at any time. The capacity that can be accommodated: mobile phones, business cards, pens, scissors, regular location and note storage clips, pins and other small objects drawer, The pencil holder can also be used as a mobile phone holder, stationery box and desk decoration.
  • [Multi-cell design] to meet the needs of different items.
  • [Exclusive pen holder] easy to place and take.
  • [Keep keyboard clean & Safe] Place the keyboard under the storage rack to block dust and save space when you are not working.

Product specifications

  • Product application: desktop storage
  • Product color: white, apricot, black
  • Product size:8*14*7CM
  • Product material: PVC
  • Large capacity and small space
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