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Equipped with a particularly powerful and long-lasting brushless motor, our compact VCH 2s hand-held vacuum cleaner impresses with exceptional suction power. Weighing just 550 grammes, it is incredibly comfortable to hold and easy to take wherever it is needed. It effortlessly vacuums crumbs, dust and hair on furniture, floors or in cars – with coarse dirt landing in the fine steel mesh, the first part of the two-step filter system. The downstream HEPA 12 filter then retains 99.5% of fine dust up to around one tenth of a micrometer in size so reliably that the room air is also cleaned and allergy sufferers can take a deep breath. Speaking of clean: The filter, just like the dust container, is easy to wash under running water and as good as new after drying. A practical storage station with charging function is naturally included as well – in black to match the small powerhouse and with additional storage options for accessories.

Features and benefits:-

Highly efficient brushless motor:
Double the suction power compared to brush motors.
Longer lifetime and lower weight than brush motors.
Two-step filter system:
Fine steel mesh to retain coarse dirt and hair.
HEPA 12 filter to filter 99.5% of all particles < 0.3 μm.
Washable filter and dust container:
Easy to clean under running water and reuse.
Practical storage station with charging function:
For easy device charging and accessory storage.


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