Posted: 28 Feb 2022 | 12:14 am

Home wall décor sticker.

Wall decorative acrylic sticker is indoor decorative sticker



Product Benefits:
• Bright and reflective surface, all the pieces were shiny in the bright light. This kind of acrylic pieces are 2mm in thickness (as thick as dollar coins,).
• Bright colour, gloss surface, achieve high scratch and impact resistance. Which makes it look different than just a sticker stuck to your wall, the relief effect is more obvious.
• The item there is strong adhesion,its hold-up over time even though you have very destructive kids who like to pick. And it not only applies to smooth surface, also applies to uneven, rough, textured surfaces.
• To tv wall, sofa wall, dining room, bedroom, living room, corridor etc.
• The product passes two quality control process to increase the rate of the best products.
• We upgraded the absurd kraft paper to a transparent PVC protective film, it saves nearly half the time to remove the protective film.

Product Features:
• Upgraded floral mirror wall sticker is made of acrylic, eco-friendly and no smell, elegant and durable, adds vivid color to your room.
• The finished size is approximately 72 cm x 120 cm. Use your imagination and use these stickers the way you want.
• Can be applied to smooth and clean surfaces, such as tile, glass, metal, wallpaper, latex paint wall, suitable for bedroom, nursery, living room and more.
• Acrylic flower mirror wall decor is easy to apply and remove. You can remove our acrylic reflective wall decal easily without damaging the wall.
• The protective film is the membrane over pieces, to protect them from scratches & Messages.

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