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Hitachi Front Load Washer 10kg Inverter – White

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Optimal Washing with 8 Smart Sensing AI Wash.

Automatically adjusts washing method and time. Leave the cleaning to AI Wash. Smart washing and cleaning results without troublesome settings required. The washing method and operating time are automatically determined according to various washing conditions such as the type of detergent, the textile of the laundry items, etc.

Clean and Hygienic Clothes with the Power of Hot Wash.

The built-in heater heats the water to 60°C. Enjoy clean and hygienic clothes for you and your loved ones.

Hygienic Washing Tub for Clothes You Care for.

Every time you do your laundry, the washing machine automatically cleans itself! So you can always enjoy washing in a clean tub.

Simple, Iconic Design.

The simple, flat design composed of the minimum necessary elements creates a beautiful area in harmony with an elegant space.

Low Vibration, Low Noise Operation.

The technology has achieved low vibration and low noise operation to not disturb your loved ones even while achieving high-speed spinning of 1,600 RPM and large capacity with a 530 mm diameter washing tub.

Tech Specifications

Type: Front Loading Washer

Capacity: Washing Capacity 10kg


  • Interface: Glass Touch Switch
  • Drum Type:  Big Drum 530 mm Diameter
  • Gasket: Antibacterial*1 & Mouldproof*2
  • Shower Lifter: Antibacterial*1 & Mouldproof*2


  • Max Spin Speed: : (RPM) 1,600
  • Spin Speed (RPM): 0 / 400 / 800 / 1,200 / 1,600
  • Water Temperature: Cold / 30℃ / 40℃ / 60℃ / 90℃


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