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FSH First Silky Hair Plus Ultra Control Mask 1000ml


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How to use a protein (First Silky Hair Plus)

First: We can use protein for all types of hair except for pulled hair. It can also be used for children and pregnant women

1- Wash the hair with the specified shampoo, then dry it 50% with a blow-dry.
2- Shake the protein bottle and start applying the product to the hair, keeping away from the roots.
3- Leave the product on the hair for a period ranging from 30 mns to 55 mns, depending on the condition of the hair.
4- Rinse the hair by 30%
5- Dries the hair 100% with a blow-dryer.
6- Put a serum on the ends of the hair.
7- We iron the hair with ceramic, with a temperature starting from 350 for weak dyed hair and 480 for thick hair.

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