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15 inch LCD Writing Board


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Product Description:

Erase Kids digital writing pad is the perfect tablet for kids to learn to write and draw. This tablet features a 15-inch LCD display and E Ink LCD Boogie technology, making writing and drawing fun and easy. Children can write on the tablet using the included pen, and thanks to the eraser technology, they can easily erase the writing using the erase button.The Eraser Kids digital whiteboard is ideal for use at home or at school. The tablet eliminates the need for traditional writing paper, providing an environmentally friendly digital writing and drawing experience. Children can write and draw again and again on this tablet without buying a new board.In addition, this tablet also has a portable and lightweight design, making it easy to carry and use anywhere. It can also be used as a vocabulary learning tool and math calculator, making it a useful tool to enhance children\’s learning skills.Make learning to write and draw fun and creative with the Eraser Kids Digital Writing Tablet. Buy it now and enjoy creativity and learning in innovative and sustainable ways.

Product Specifictions:

  • Eye-protection, without radiation.
  • Size 15 Inch
  • Battery: CR2016*2 button cell battery
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Battery does not come with this product Battery must be purchased separately
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