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Erasable Digital LCD Writing Tablet


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Electronic writing board – 15 inch Suitable for designer, businessman, teacher, students, and artist.

Product benefits:

  • Erasable & reusable electronic writing board for school students, office works, etc.
  • Make note, draft. Use for math and scientific formula.
  • Leave message for your family. You can put it on table, desk.
  • Can store your drawings and writings as PDF or JPG by using cam scanner.
  • NEWYES kids drawing tablet can cultivate children’s creativity and freely release their natural instincts, lightweight and portable

Product Features:

  • Eco friendly and reusable.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions and long-lasting.
  • Makes your work creative and effective.
  • One Button to clear all. (When it can’t be cleared, please replace the battery).
  • Write or draw with the included stainless-steel stylus or almost any other instrument – even your finger.
  • This lcd writing tablet provides much brighter writing and enjoys longer service life. Recommended age 3 months+
  • With a screw mounted on the battery case, children’s safety can be ensured when they are using this doodle board.
  • As an eco-friendly alternative, the writing board is always saying no to tree cutting, and it can be repeatedly scribbled for about 50000 times.
  • Eye-protection, without radiation.
  • Size 15 Inch
  • Battery: CR2016*2 button cell battery
  • Replaceable batteries

Available color: Black

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