Posted: 4 Apr 2021 | 12:24 pm

Do not Look for a Good Place, Make it with this Land suitable for 2 Villas



This property was built with a very old house that can be reconstruct or demolish to build a new one.

Existing properties has the following specifications:

◙ 980 sqm.
◙ Unfurnished
◙ 12 Bedrooms
◙ 11 Bathroom
◙ 3 Maid’s Room
◙ Kitchen
◙ Dining & Living Hall
◙ Parking Spaces

Property is near to supermarket, restaurants, mall, and many more.

For more information and viewings, contact us:

Ezzat Akl
Mob: (974) 7444 5363
Email: [email protected]


Sold By: Lzhiba
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