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Data Cable CA93


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Product Description:

Yes I do Apple compatible data cable 1.2m fast charging cable Apple USB interface (Ka74).The features of the charging cable are: smart charging with constant temperature, thermal insulation and flame retardant ensure safer charging. This can prevent the cable from overheating and causing a dangerous situation such as fire or explosion. Built-in smart chip, self-adaptive battery, will not harm the device. This feature reduces the risk of damaging the battery of the device to which the cable is connected. The internal chip of the cable can adapt to the characteristics of the device’s battery and ensure that the battery is charged correctly.

Product Specifications:

Intelligent constant temperature charging, heat insulation and flame retardant, safer charging.

Built-in smart chip, self-adaptive battery, no damage to the device.

Pure copper wire core, increase the conduction area, reduce resistance, and increase charging speed.

Braided wire, good toughness, anti-breaking, and anti-pull.


Material: aluminum alloy + braided wire

Current: 2.4A

Cable length: 1.2m


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