Posted: 9 Feb 2022 | 1:28 pm

Cute pencil cases for students



Cute Pencil cases with 5 pencils for students.

Cute pencil cases for students are very useful for school students to store their pencils safely and separately in a single box.

Product benefits:

  • One box is enough for one day, can store 5 pencils at a time.
  • Be fashion even when you take out a pencil by using 5 colour buttons, pull to take pencils out.

Product Features:

  • Specially designed for pencils, simple and cute.
  • Each pencils keep separately will not stain other stationery.
  • Hard body will protect the leads from broken, when falling.
  • Fix pencils with soft silicone will not slip even open upside.
  • ABS body material is easy to clean, washable and wear resistance, will helps to keep same as brand new for long years.

Available colours: Blue, Pink

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