Posted: 25 May 2021 | 2:42 pm

Comfy Lounger Black


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if you are looking for originality and exclusivity this, is it! Our new Bean Bag Lounger collection is different from all the ones you see on the market. They are very comfy to rest, sit on it while watching tv, gaming, or reading a book. Video Rockers are the most sought-after products by Gamers. Perfect Height to Width Ratio for perfect Seating. Highly comfortable for relaxing back and taking a quick nap. Double layer Child Proof locking at the bottom. Filled with High-Density Beans that give bouncy comfort. Comfortable Head Rest. Wide Seating and Sleeping Area. Can fall flat to 270 degrees behind to give you perfect body posture. Ergonomically Designed and Aesthetically appealing.

Dimension: Height: 36″ Length: 40″ Width: 28″ Sitting Height: 18″ Sitting Length: 26″ Sitting Width: 28″ Backrest: 20″

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