Posted: 23 Sep 2021 | 3:58 pm

Brazilian Face Wash

Type: Pharmaceutical Grade, 100 ml



Our new pharmaceutical-grade gentle face wash was carefully developed based on intensive research and studies of skin dermatology and pathology.
It has anti-microbial, & anti-allergic, properties, and helps cure acne due to sappan wood’s natural methanol and sappan chalcone content, that fight skin infections.
It also supports skin aiding from wounds and burns, tighten wide pores, balance sebum production, and remove impurities due to zinc’s medicinal properties.
Our face wash is very gentle to your skin and doesn’t rip off your skin’s natural moisture. It doesn’t make a lot of foam as it has less than 50% saponins with botanicals like Sappanwood, Jojoba, and Neroli, and exotic minerals like Zinc making it the perfect choice even for sensitive skin.

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