Posted: 30 Jun 2022 | 12:57 pm

Bitter Oranges – English


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As the scents of cooking waft through her small apartment in Beirut, our heroine is confronted by memories of the past. They are as much a part of her as the jagged scar on her neck that she dutifully hides, and the invisible scars that mar her soul that she doesn’t need to. For three days, she toils. And with the familiar scents, the same as those from the village she left behind, her secrets unfold, drawing a picture of a tumultuous life lived in a small town full of contradictory feelings and conflicting ideas, amidst blood and tears. In her preparations, our heroine relives the past believing it a new start, and reconciliation with all life. But how can she reconcile with the thing she hates the most: herself?

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