Posted: 7 Sep 2021 | 9:41 am

AC – Reflector White (90cm or 120cm)



Adjustable AC Reflector to distribute air more evenly and prevent exposure to direct wind blasts, delivering a gentle breeze.
– Easy to install, Simply touch to adjust the reflector angle, Suitable for all air conditioner types, Classic design, Reasonable price.

Installation Guide:

  1.  Plug the two wings right into the plugging hole.
  2.  Plug the rail into the AC Reflector’s wings.
  3.  Insert the rail hook into the space between the AC and the wall.
  4. Align the rail to the hook, plug it into the hook. Adjust the AC reflector angle to the preferred position.

Available Sizes: 90cm & 120cm

Please note that this product does not include Assembly.

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Sold By: Fixings Trading Co.

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