Posted: 7 Sep 2021 | 9:41 am

AC – REFLECTOR WHITE (90cm or 120cm)




Adjustable AC Reflector to distribute air more evenly, peacefully and prevents direct wind blasts, and delivers a gentle breeze.
– Easy to install, Simply, one-touch to adjust the reflector angle, Suitable for all air conditioner types, Classic design, Reasonable price.

Available Sizes: 90cm & 120cm

Please note that this product does not include Assembly.

Installation Guide:
1- Plug the two wings right into the plugging hole.
2- Plug the rail into the AC Reflector’s wings.
3- Insert the rail hook into the space between the AC and the wall.
4- Align the rail to the hook, plug it into the hook. Adjust the AC reflector angle to the preferred position.

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