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A7 Desktop Phone LED Ring Light


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Product Description

The A7 Desktop Phone LED Ring Light is an innovative and high-quality product from KALIOU. This product comes with great features that make it ideal for use in mobile live streaming and enhance the beauty of photos and videos.

KALIOU W031 A7 Desktop Phone Folding Bracket Fill Light Mobile Phone Live Broadcast Beauty Ring Light features:

1. Strong and bright lighting: This LED circular light provides strong, bright lighting to provide perfect lighting for photography and photography.

2. Mobile phone folded design: It comes with a folded mobile phone holder that can be easily adjusted and directed to achieve the perfect lighting angle.

3. Adjustable: The brightness of the lighting can be easily adjusted using the built-in switch.

4. Compatible with most mobile phones: Can be used with most mobile phones, including smartphones and tablets.

5. Ease of use: With its simple and ergonomic design, it can be easily used alone or in a group for the best shooting results.

Product Specifications

  • Item: value
  • Voltage: DC 5V
  • Dimension: 16*16*26cm
  • Weight: 308g
  • Special Feature: Mini, PORTABLE, Foldable
  • power supply: USB
  • Suitable for: Indoor Video Film Shooting
  • Size: 16*16*26cm
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Light colour: White + warm + mixed
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