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A Sun without Light – Arabic


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In the Indian city of Hyderabad, in 1903, three young men met: the noble Englishman Robert Mann, the son of a very wealthy family, Aidros Saleh Aidarous the Arab Hadrami, the son of a middle-class family, and Raja Phab Jadore the Indian, the son of an extremely poor family. The music professor Asif Omar Qamar El Din, the blind orphan, and a graduate of the Royal British Institution of Music, was able to bring the three together in the House of Music that he founded; By teaching them to play, he helped them to overcome prejudices, transcend differences, have faith in themselves and in the ability to choose, until they were able to find their own light from within themselves. A Sun Without Light, a novel for young readers, written by Qatari writer Shamma Shaheen Al Kuwari, in which she calls to meditate and contemplate our choices in life.

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