Posted: 16 Feb 2023 | 3:15 pm

20cm APP Controlled LED Display Stand


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Product Description

The direction and rotation speed can be adjusted clockwise or counter clockwise, and the rotation angle of 90 degrees, 180 degrees, and 360 degrees can be adjusted internally.


Product Features

  • It can be widely used in displaying your products (like watches, jewelleries, perfume, toys and so on) to your customers, no matter in your showroom or exhibition booth,
  • APP supports Android and Apple IOS systems, you can customize text messages and send text wirelessly
  • The led display board supports multi-language display, English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, etc.
  • 20cm APP Controlled LED Display Stand the LED turntable; you can adjust the rotation speed and angle of the turntable and edit the content of the display screen.
  • The display can input up to 40 Chinese, 80 English or numbers.
  • Use energy-saving, high-power, long-life LED lamp beads.

Product Specifications

  • Power Supply: Electric and battery
  • Diameter: 20CM
  • Material: ABS
  • Turning directions: clockwise/contra clockwise
  • Product size: 20x4cm
  • Maximum load weight: 4-5kgs
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