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ottoman sultans


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There is no country that lasted for more than six centuries without interruption except the Ottoman Empire, which was ruled by 36 sultans throughout its history. It was not a coincidence that the transformation of an emirate consisting of four tents into a lofty state in addition to its expansion and spread in the three continents, but the secret of this success lies in a strong will and determination, and the continuity of traditions along with the customs, norms and laws that preserved the unity of the state and the people. This book has been prepared with the intention of getting to know more closely the Ottoman Sultans, who were referred to as rulers of the wilderness and the seas. The book presents the biography of these sultans from an objective perspective and discusses through new information and documents aspects of their lives, and its pages have been enriched with many original inscriptions, drawings and images. The book, in its sections, deals with the contributions of the Ottoman sultans to the development of their state, and what it includes from the genealogical tree of all of them. The first and the last, as it is a reference book that no library should be without.

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