Guide to User-Friendly E-Commerce Websites


In the dynamic landscape of online shopping, user experience is paramount. A user-friendly e-commerce website not only attracts visitors but converts them into loyal customers. This guide will walk you through essential elements and strategies to ensure your e-commerce platform provides a seamless and enjoyable shopping journey for users.


  1. Intuitive Navigation:

Clear Menu Structure: Design an easily navigable menu with logical categories.

Search Functionality: Implement a robust search feature with filters for quick product discovery.

  1. Mobile Responsiveness:

Optimized for Mobile Devices: Ensure your website is fully responsive across various screen sizes.

Mobile-Friendly Checkout: Simplify the checkout process for mobile users.

  1. Visual Appeal:

High-Quality Imagery: Use crisp, high-resolution images to showcase products.

Consistent Branding: Maintain a cohesive visual identity throughout the website.

  1. Efficient Product Pages:

Clear Product Descriptions: Provide detailed yet concise product information.

Visible CTAs (Call to Action): Clearly highlight buttons for “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now.”

  1. Smooth Checkout Process:

Guest Checkout Option: Allow users to make purchases without mandatory account creation.

Progress Indicators: Display clear steps to guide users through the checkout process.

  1. Secure Payment Options:

Diverse Payment Methods: Offer a variety of secure payment options.

SSL Certificate: Ensure a secure connection for online transactions.

  1. Transparent Policies:

Clear Return and Refund Policies: Communicate transparently about your return and refund procedures.

Shipping Information: Provide estimated delivery times and shipping costs upfront.

  1. User Account Management:

Easy Account Creation: Simplify the registration process with minimal required information.

Order History and Tracking: Enable users to track their orders and view past purchase history.

  1. Customer Support:

Live Chat: Implement a live chat feature for real-time assistance.

Contact Information: Clearly display customer support contact details.

  1. Performance Optimization:

Fast Loading Speeds: Optimize images and scripts for quick page loading.

Scalability: Ensure your website can handle increased traffic during peak times.

  1. Feedback and Reviews:

Customer Reviews: Feature user-generated reviews to build trust.

Feedback Forms: Allow users to provide feedback on their experience.

  1. Personalization:

Recommendation Engines: Implement personalized product recommendations.

User Account Customization: Enable users to personalize their accounts and preferences.


Creating a user-friendly e-commerce website is an ongoing process. Regularly analyze user behavior, gather feedback, and stay abreast of industry trends to continually enhance the user experience. By prioritizing user needs and expectations, your e-commerce platform will not only attract visitors but turn them into loyal customers. Elevate your online retail presence by making user-friendliness a top priority!

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How to Optimize Your E-commerce’s SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of boosting both the volume and quality of visitors to your site through organic (unpaid) search engine results. With the aid of a professionally planned SEO strategy, your content can gain credibility, rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract more qualified leads. SEO can inform consumers about the finest offers, recently released goods and services, and the distinctive advantages your company provides. That is why it’s a must to optimize your website’s SEO using the following techniques:

Research SEO keywords.

Choosing the keywords you want to optimize for is the first stage in the SEO process. These are the terms that people who would visit your website most frequently type into search engines. To avoid keyword competition, each page on your website should focus on a different keyword group. With the help of these keywords, you can improve the search engine optimization of your website and let Google and prospective clients know that you offer them the services that they need.

Establish a Google Business profile.

If you run a local business that caters to clients in a specific region, you must have a Google Business Profile. It essentially functions as an online profile that you can create to make your company easier for customers to find and understand, so that when users look up phrases associated with a nearby business, they will find your profile. Analytics and statistics are also accessible to these Google accounts, as the platform offers information on account views, calls, texts, how frequently customers look for your company, and more.

Boost On-Page Elements

One of the simplest ways to improve your e-commerce’s SEO is by maximizing the on-page features like title tags, headers, video, image, meta description, etc. This involves placing your target term in the right places on the page, creating well-organized and useful content that uses your target keywords.

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The Importance of How-to Guides in E-commerce

The e-commerce industry is extremely competitive, and it might be challenging to differentiate yourself from the rest, due to the few requirements needed for launching an online business in the modern world. This is where using a how-to guide could be useful. A how-to guide is a detailed sequence of instructions that breaks down complicated steps into understandable, easy-to-follow solutions by using photos, videos or blogs.

They could come in handy for customers who purchase your products and struggle with understanding the functionality of operating and using them to fulfill their needs. So, with the help of these guides, you can attract consumers by displaying step-by-step processes that aid them in solving these challenges effectively and satisfying their curiosities and inquiries.

As an example, take into account how frequently individuals visit search engines like Google to look up ‘How to’ topics like: “How to use a robot cleaner” or “How to use excel” and so on. This data illustrates one of the main motives behind internet use; to gain knowledge to achieve something. Users will start to trust and regard your company as an expert on the subject if you can reach them with helpful, accurate responses to their concerns. The same readers you initially drew in with a how-to manual may later turn into clients and devoted brand ambassadors who promote your goods and make your brand more distinctive and profitable.

Having said that, search engines place a high importance on relevant material that gives users the precise answers they seek, that is why you must first ask: are we familiar with our target audience’s struggles? If not, then discover what your clients are looking for before creating content that appeals to them.

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Qatar National Sports Day 

The Qatar National Sports Day is held on the second Tuesday of February every year, when citizens and residents of the State of Qatar gather to play sports or engage in extracurricular activities.

In Qatar we believe in the importance of sports in physical and mental health. In cooperation with Aspire Zone Foundation, the Lzhiba team was able to prepare and participate in an engaging and interactive sports day at Aspire Park. The event was very successful, and many people, old and young, were present to interact with Lzhiba’s team and participate in physical and even mental games.

The Lzhiba company recognizes the importance of exercising. We would also like to thank the Aspire Zone Foundation for the efforts made to achieve a successful sports day and for their cooperation in preparing an integrated and well-organized sports event.

Lzhiba is a 100% Qatari-owned company with an E-Commerce platform that contains an application and website that can be used by individuals and companies to showcase, sell, or buy various products or services.

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Lzhiba – The trendiest E-Commerce platform  Use Lzhiba to Sell or Buy Products and Services

E-commerce in Qatar

In recent years, the idea of switching from traditional shopping to online shopping has become a foregone conclusion, with shopping being easier, transportation costs are lower, and many shopping options are unlimited.

At Lzhiba, our priority is customer satisfaction, and we ensure we build a good relationship with our customers.
Customer satisfaction is the basis of success for any entity and ensures a group of people who care about your brand, show their loyalty to you, and keep following your app and website news and updates, and it is the first and most crucial step toward success in E-commerce.
The relationship with our customers means a lot to us, whether by providing excellent service, easy exchange, or refund policies, or in the simplicity and ease of using the application or website.

Qatar is an exceptional shopping destination, with a variety of products available to suit the most discerning consumer.
At Lzhiba, our main focus is the customer, and want to ensure that we addressed online shopping obstacles in Qatar by providing a variety of products for customers to choose from, enabling them to compare new and used items, providing safe and secure payment methods and a fast and efficient delivery service.

Most importantly we have a bi-lingual customer service team who make it easier for customers to follow up on purchase requests in Arabic and English, and respond quickly to requests for product information, replacement, or return, saving time and effort.

Lzhiba also provides offers and discounts, which attracts new customers and creates a beneficial online shopping experience, and an informative and strong presence on social media to keep in touch with our followers and e-shoppers in Qatar.

The importance of constant engagement with your customers

As a digital platform, whether an online shop, a food delivery platform, an online services platform or others, you would have engaged in many marketing campaigns and received many followers or even better, consumers interested in your product or service. However the most important questions are;
How do I keep in touch with them?
How do I make a stronger relationship with them?

Building a strong relationship with your potential customers, as well as your followers, is one of the most important steps after collecting data.

Any digital or non-digital brand must plan a strategy to strengthen the relationship between the company and customers or potential customers, after the data collection process is completed.
Three tips from Lzhiba to help you consolidate your relationship with your customers and followers:

1. Share Your Company’s Story, Mission, and Vision
Stories are memorable and relatable. They give customers a reason to believe in your company. Humanize your brand with messaging that highlights your mission, vision, and story. Help customers understand your ‘why’ for the business. Be sure to incorporate your customers into your story and give them a starring role: Take the opportunity to relate, listen to their goals and frustrations, and ultimately form a shared vision.

2- Stay in touch with your followers!
Be sure not to overlook them. Display all your new offers, products or services, and constantly communicate with them and build a strong relationship with them, so you will always be in their mind.

3- Allow your customers to share their experiences within your store
People like to share their experiences with their friends or those close to them. Give them this opportunity. Make sharing your product or service a simple process, add a review section, allowing your customers to rate and share their opinion of your product or service.

Data and the huge impact on your Online Business

Have you thought of how long you spend on your phone, computer, or tablet?

Hours and hours of scrolling down your screen.

Can you imagine the ton of information you see or read in only one day?

Without a doubt you have viewed a multitude!

Information about subjects such as Health, Politics, Art etc. and even about people either known to you or complete strangers. You see their names, ages, jobs, hobbies, interests etc.

All that information is Data; and this is what we will talk about.

How will this Data affect your Online Business?

Let’s assume you are selling online, smart gadgets such as smart wireless chargers, smart home items, smart cctv cameras, etc. Invariably your target customers will be early adopters, gadget lovers and others that share an interest in smart and innovative products.

These are your prospective customers; they are most likely to purchase from your app or website, simply because their interests as shown by the digital data match the products you offer!

The first step to success with your online business is to reach those people and show your products and services to them. Using this data to reach the right people, at the right time and on the right channel.

Finally, remember you don’t want all the people; you just want those that will buy your product or service. From now on start collecting data about your prospective clients, asking them to sign up for newsletters or to take time to fill a form, and attempt to obtain as much information as you can. You can then build your strategies based on this Data.


What is a customer success story?

As an online shopping platform dedicated to serving its consumers top-quality products, Lzhiba’s e-commerce platform is consistently engaged with customer success stories. You might ask what a customer success story is… well, a customer success story is the response and feedback of a customer on how well they utilized and consumed your product, and how it helped them achieve their needs and wants.

Customer success stories are specifically concerned with the customers’ experience, impact, and satisfaction of your product. It is also important to highlight the customers’ own encounters with your product, why they used it, and what they gained from using it; whether to solve a particular problem or to satisfy a need. Additionally, outlining the customers voice throughout their journey is crucial, which means adding their quotes or comments on their successful use of the service or product which can be displayed on the online shopping platform.

Customer success stories are a fundamental part of electronic shopping platforms like Lzhiba, as our main priority is our customers’ message and narrative which are a powerful and valuable tool that helps Lzhiba widely reach and connect with new customers who have similar or identical challenges or needs by sharing the customers success story with the product and how it helped them overcome an obstacle or fulfill a need.

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How social media affects online businesses

With more and more people using social media and online platforms, buying and selling online has become more prominent in our society today, and as a consequence, this has affected online businesses like Lzhiba and e-commerce in numerous ways. Let’s look at how social media affects online businesses below:

Since your business uses online marketing strategies on social media, this means that you’re able to attract customers, get customer feedback, answer their questions, provide their needs, reach a larger audience, be in constant contact with them, and successfully form a relationship with them. This leads to swift and easy communication and a huge growth in the awareness of your business and brand loyalty, since your customers feel trusted in your communication and products.

lowering marketing and advertising expenses is also achieved since you’re operating an online shopping business that uses social media, where it’s much easier to get a hold of your targeted customers online through customized marketing and advertising. Hence, it raises brand recognition among targeted customers to the greatest extent possible while spending the least amount of money.

Moreover, observing people’s social media activity generates plenty of information for your market research. By monitoring how people engage on various social platforms, you will start to develop a better understanding of your audience: the way they interact, their preferences, dislikes and so on. When combined with other strategies like online surveys and focus groups, you could gain a more precise picture of your consumers and how they consume what you offer.

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Content Marketing and why it matters for online businesses

Content Marketing and why it matters for online businesses

With the rapid advancement of new technologies and smarter software, social media platforms have engulfed our social life. Its use has become a necessity for communication purposes for online shopping businesses like Lzhiba. This is where content marketing is of huge importance, since it’s a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing quality content for a targeted audience online, usually through platforms on social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc., and email marketing, blogs and so on.

Content marketing is the key to establishing loyalty and trust with your customers, and keeping in touch with them, as well as maintaining a good brand image and reputation, since you’re consistently providing them with quality content, answers, information and updates on your products. This continuous communication you have with customers and prospects will produce a happy, positive experience for them and keep them wanting to come back for more.

Additionally, improving your content marketing will aid you in having a stronger grip on social media and other communication platforms, as it’ll help you connect with a wider audience by increasing your followers, likes and views, which in turn forms brand awareness, generates higher leads, and boosts product purchasing and profitability.

Moreover, accomplishing consistent, high quality content marketing of your products helps your e-commerce in building trust, recognition, and control, which achieves a high SEO rank and visibility in search engines, which very likely allows prospects to come across your e-shopping business and find what they are looking for.

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The importance of email marketing for e-commerce

Marketing is an essential element in creating a successful business, and thanks to the technological breakthroughs and advancements we have today, businesses are able to market their products or services easily and profitably in numerous ways and various forms. Email marketing is amongst the most important strategies of marketing for modern-day e-shopping businesses like Lzhiba.

Well, what is email marketing?

Sending emails to potential clients and customers is part of a successful online marketing strategy known as email marketing. This effective strategy can be applied for several objectives, such as increasing conversions, advertising products, or building brand awareness, customer relationships and loyalty. Email marketing can take on many different forms, for example:

  • Automated Marketing emails- are sent automatically following specified factors. for example, sending welcome emails to prospective customers, congratulatory emails celebrating subscriber’s birthdays, and reminder emails for customers who abandoned their shopping carts.
  • Promotional emails- an email sent for a specific purpose, such as exclusive products, special offers, or free trials.
  • Newsletter emails- emails that are consistently sent to keep customers informed on the latest news or updates.
  • Transactional emails- an email sent to a specific recipient in response to an action or transaction performed by them.
  • Sponsorship emails- typically consists of businesses paying for their content to be included in another seller’s newsletter to reach a wider audience.

Consequently, businesses can benefit from email marketing for their e-commerce effectively by staying updated on their customer’s activity based on their demographics, interests, preferences, website and purchase behavior. This allows online shopping platforms like Lzhiba to gain a better idea of their loyal customers, target their intended audience and reach a wider market.


How CRM Benefits your Small Business

When it comes to online shopping businesses like Lzhiba, customer relations are the principal key to being a successful e-commerce. In order to achieve your business goals and targets, it is crucial to manage your business relationships and the rate of satisfaction in all the aspects of your business, like customer interactions, preferences, feedback, etc.

Understanding how customer relationships management work is the first step to forming a satisfactory relationship with customers. CRM is a tool combining strategies for controlling all interactions and relationships that your business has with clients and potential clients. Its features allow you to keep track of client engagements across all relevant activities, such as those from contact forms, search engines, emails, phone calls, and social media.

The time and energy required to adopt a CRM system are definitely worth it. The benefits of a CRM setup for your company include the following.

Using the CRMs systems built-in detailed data and analytics capabilities, your business will be able to effectively analyze and understand your customers data and behavior. This valuable feature will allow your business to maximize targeted marketing by sending customized ads, products and emails to customers based on the data provided.

Additionally, with CRM you can provide your clients with the most exceptional customer service. As soon as you’re contacted by a customer, you’ll be able to access any relevant activity regarding their previous transactions, preferences, and anything else that can help you understand their issues and find a solution.

Implementing a CRM software will allow your employees and yourself to take a break from the burden of handling the many basic everyday tasks that must be finished for your business to flow smoothly.


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AI in E-commerce

Since artificial intelligence is influencing every area of our life, it is crucial to highlight and understand its power in the success of online businesses like Lzhiba. Artificial intelligence, in its most basic definition, is the study of how to solve problems by merging computer science with massive data and statistics. By integrating AI onto your e-commerce, you’ll find yourself facing many effects, both positive and negative.

There is no doubt that personalization of ads is a top priority for successful marketing, and thanks to developments in AI, advanced customization techniques may now be used to personalize information to each user. You may pinpoint what your consumers want and communicate effectively by evaluating large data from past purchases and other interactions with clients, which ensures that you satisfy your clients by giving them the service that they needed.

Additionally, by using AI, your business can reduce time, effort, and operational money in e-commerce by automation. The objective of automation is to complete a task with the least amount of human involvement possible, as AI can be very helpful in automating the repetitive chores that keep your online store running with very little error. Chatbots can serve as customer care agents for short inquiries or simplify the purchasing experience by offering guidance and advice.

On the other hand, the most significant disadvantage of applying AI is the high cost of developing it and the fact that it must run on the newest technology and software to stay relevant and satisfy recent demands, which drives up its cost even more. Additionally, AI cannot simply learn from its own errors and experiences, which by nature, humans do to avoid making the same faults repeatedly to improve the customer experience and business operations.

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E-commerce in Qatar

The use of global e-commerce is rising as more customers demand quick, easy, and online delivery of their goods. Businesses have been competing for market share by embracing the e-commerce trends. Online shopping is still one of the main foundations of the Qatari economy, as the country’s e-commerce industry has shown signs of sustained growth through 2023 and is anticipated to expand strongly in the future years.


With forecasted sales of US$3,393.6 million by 2023, Qatar to become the world’s 52nd largest market for eCommerce, as it is also the 7th largest e-Commerce market in the MENA region.

The size of the Qatar e-commerce market is anticipated to increase from USD 3.82 billion in 2023 to USD 5.99 billion by 2028, at a CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of 9.40% over the forecast period (2023-2028). The largest market in Qatar, where e-commerce sales make up 34% of total sales, is Food & Personal Care. Fashion comes next, at 22.5%, followed by Electronics & Media (18.4%), Toys, Hobbies & Crafts (12.7%), and Furniture & Appliances (12.4%).

Now, let’s ask the most important question, what led to such an increase? Well one of the most noticeable factors which helped flourish Qatar’s e-commerce economy is the Covid-19 epidemic, which caused an essential and systematic shift in the online commerce for businesses. Numerous well-known companies have either abandoned or greatly restricted their presence on physical markets as they resorted to online stores to be able to adapt to the market. This also brought forth opportunities for many startup businesses to enter the highly competitive digital marketplace, which led to an incredible increase in online shopping and commerce.

Qatar was also one of the first MENA countries to move its regional governments online. The same services are offered by these administrations, but in a more digitized, secure, and accessible method through online applications which offer a wide range of services, including car registration, license issuance, fine payment, passport applications, and flight bookings.

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Lzhiba Products Spotlight

Welcome to our blog where we shine a spotlight on the products that make a difference in your life. Today, we’re excited to showcase a range of offerings that bring innovation, quality, and functionality to the forefront. Join us as we explore the features and benefits of our standout products.

1. Smart Technology for Modern Living:
In a world that’s increasingly connected, our smart technology products take center stage. From intelligent home devices to cutting-edge gadgets, we’re committed to enhancing your lifestyle through innovation.

2. Unrivaled Quality:
At the heart of our products is a dedication to quality. We believe in selling items that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Dive into the details of our manufacturing process and discover why our commitment to excellence sets us apart.

3. Versatility in Design:
Style meets functionality in our diverse product range. Whether you’re looking for sleek and modern aesthetics or timeless and classic designs, our spotlighted products cater to a variety of tastes. We understand that your preferences are unique, and our offerings reflect just that.

4. Customer Testimonials:
Hear directly from our satisfied customers who have experienced the impact of our spotlighted products. Real stories, real experiences – discover how our offerings have made a positive difference in the lives of individuals and families.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through our product spotlight. We’re proud to bring you items that enhance your everyday experiences, from the convenience of smart technology to the timeless elegance of our designs. Explore, indulge, and elevate your lifestyle with our carefully curated selection. Stay tuned for more updates, innovations, and, most importantly, the products that make a difference.

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